Collectible Crypto OOAK Art Dolls Project


IDOLChain is a collection of non-fungible token based-artwork focused on personifications of cryptocurrencies and related technologies. All IDOLChain tokens are OOAK, or "one-of-a-kind" lovingly designed virtual art dolls.

As part of a long term goal, if that IDOL's blockchain has NFT capabilities, a version of them "at home" will be found there, too.

Using a cryptocurrency as an example, IDOLs usually come with two sides (like a coin). One side highlights the benefits and features of their coin, and the other doesn't shy away about the fears and notoriety that they have gained over time. That's a line that can and does often blur. Which one resonates with you?

Interested parties: All offers are considered!

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What is a Recruiter and what are bounties?
Bounties are part of OpenSea's rewards system. By helping find new Knights for each IDOL, Recruiters will get a reward if your recruit decides to purchase the IDOLChain token.

What are Knights?
Knights are what I call the buyer of each piece. To buy into this, there must be some kind of attachment to the IDOL and the currency they represent, right?

Regal, Alta, and The Bonus Systems
Most IDOLs will come with two unique designs / color palettes.
These are called "Regal" and "Alta".

The future roadmap will grant an annual exclusive item for those who own:

Each of these items will be unique and gifted to the winner to utilize as they see fit.
Those who decide to become a Knight for an IDOL should consider it as a key towards future works. An example can include, but isn't limited to, first access with collaborative projects and spin-offs.

What tools are used to make the IDOLs?
I use Adobe Illustrator.

Can I request an IDOL? Can I commission an IDOL for a new crypto project that I'm working on?
Yes to both! Requested IDOLs will be created and offered on OpenSea like all the rest. Commissioned Idols will be sent directly to you as an NFT for your own personal collection.

Contact the Artist

If you are interested in a collaboration or commission, you can reach me via Telegram or Twitter. You can also follow me on Medium.